Data in Brief paper published

The accepted version of the ‘Data in Brief’ article ‘Structural geology data and 3-D subsurface models of the Budgell Harbour Stock and associated dykes, Newfoundland, Canada‘ by J. Kim Welford, Meixia Geng, Hamish Sandeman, Brant Gaetz, Sarah Ryan and myself is now available online.

This paper describes and provides the data associated with our recent Tectonophysics paper (DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2018.07.025). The purpose of this is to facilitate future work to use our data and to increase scientific transparency.

The data in our paper includes: 1) Structural geology field data (mostly dyke locations, orientation and thickness), 2) 3D Sub-surface density and susceptibility models (from inversion of potential field data), and 3) Additional field photos.

If this data looks useful to you send me a message. I am always open to new collaborations.

(A) The sub-surface susceptibility model with all reference susceptibilities < 0.005 G/Oe removed. (B) The sub-surface density model with all reference densities < 100 kg/m3 removed.

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