Geophysics paper published

Our paper “3D inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry data for the Budgell Harbour Stock, Newfoundland: A case history using a probabilistic approach” by Geng et al. has now been published in Geophysics! The paper can be found here but if you don’t have access people get in touch.

This work describes the results of geophysical inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry data over a mafic intrusion in Newfoundland to study its structure. We found that gravity gradiometry data could be used to delineate the intrusion within this study area, which is also consistent with the susceptibility model recovered from inversion of aeromagnetic data and with results from a previous geophysical study.

Volume rendered image of 3-D density contrast model inverted by using five independent components with a larger weight assigned to Tzz.
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