Journal of Geodynamics paper published

Our paper “Deformable plate tectonic models of the southern North Atlantic” by Peace et al. has now been published in the Journal of Geodynamics! The paper can be found here but if you don’t have access people get in touch.

Evolution of the strain mesh in GPlates used in Model 6c, shown with a fixed Greenland plate at 200 Ma, 150 Ma, 100 Ma and 50 Ma. The strain mesh in the other models is of comparable density and distribution.

The paper describes the results of a study into the opening of the southern North Atlantic using GPlates deformable plate models. The aim was to both test the capability of the GPlates deformable modelling approach and the reliability of published plate reconstructions. The results show that deformable plate models generally represent an improvement over traditional rigid plate models, and that that inclusion of micro-continental fragments, and locally defined limits of continental crust, generally produce results more akin to observations.

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