ESR Pangaea paper published

Our paper “A review of Pangaea dispersal and Large Igneous Provinces – In search of a causative mechanism” by Peace et al. has now been published online in Earth-Science Reviews. The paper can be found here, but if you don’t have access please get in touch.

Breakup related magmatism in East Gondwana from Peace et al. (In Review)

The paper is part of a special issue of Earth Science Reviews specifically looking at the tectonic evolution of the North Atlantic. The original premise of this paper was to take the models developed in the North Atlantic and apply them elsewhere. The paper stays true to this to some extent but expanded into a full blown review of Pangaea’s dispersal. In the paper wee demonstrate that throughout the dispersal of Pangaea, major volcanism typically occurs distal from the locus of rift initiation and initial oceanic crust accretion. There is no location where extension propagates away from a newly formed LIP. Instead, LIPs are coincident with major lithosphere-scale shear movements, aborted rifts and splinters of continental crust rifted far out into the oceanic domain. These observations suggest that a fundamental reappraisal of the causes and consequences of breakup-related LIPs is in order.

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