ESR Structural Inheritance paper published

Our paper “Structural inheritance in the North Atlantic” by Schiffer et al. has now been published in Earth-Science Reviews and can be found here. If you don’t have access please get in touch. The paper is part of our special issue in Earth-Science Reviews specifically looking at the tectonic evolution of the North Atlantic region….

Fieldwork on the Hamilton escarpment

Had a great morning on the Hamilton Escarpment with Prof. Carolyn Eyles and her students. This work is investigating why some parts of the escarpment may be prone to collapse. In particular, the students are looking at the nature of fractures, their distribution and how this is controlled by stratigraphy.

Guest lecture at Western University

I had a great time today giving an invited talk and meeting people at Western University. Thanks for having me and I am very much looking forward to visiting again for the multi-hazard workshop next month!

Marine and Petroleum Geology paper published

Our paper “Determining continuous basins across conjugate margins: The East Orphan, Porcupine, and Galicia Interior basins of the southern North Atlantic Ocean” by Sandoval et al. has now been published in Marine and Petroleum Geology. The work in the paper is largely based on the MSc thesis of Larry Sandoval and used seismic data to…

Current Openings

The structural geology and tectonics group in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University, Canada is currently seeking applications from skilled and motivated students to work on various fully funded projects. We would like to invite all qualified applicants to get in touch to discuss graduate student opportunities (both MSc and PhD) at…

ESR Pangaea paper published

Our paper “A review of Pangaea dispersal and Large Igneous Provinces – In search of a causative mechanism” by Peace et al. has now been published online in Earth-Science Reviews. The paper can be found here, but if you don’t have access please get in touch. The paper is part of a special issue of…

Geophysics paper published

Our paper “3D inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry data for the Budgell Harbour Stock, Newfoundland: A case history using a probabilistic approach” by Geng et al. has now been published in Geophysics! The paper can be found here but if you don’t have access people get in touch. This work describes the results of geophysical…