summary of Pangaea ESR paper

The short web page summary of our recent paper in Earth-Science Reviews is now available on the website! Please take a look at both the online summary and the original paper.

3D objects in structural geology teaching

Next semester the 3rd year structural geology labs will include 3D printed objects. This is part of an ongoing study investigating the use of such objects in structural geology education with collaborators at both here at McMaster University (Dr. Rebecca Moumblow) and University of Toronto (Dr. Heidi Daxberger and Dr. Tasca Santimano).

EGU 2020 session – “The spectrum of obliquity: A multidisciplinary approach from orthogonal rifts to transform tectonics”

Please consider submitting an abstract to our session on transform margins and oblique rifting at EGU 2020: There will also be a dedicated special issue of EGUs Solid Earth to accompany the session, and we can also confirm that Prof. Laetitia Le Pourhiet from ISTeParis, Sorbonne Université, France will give an invited talk in…

ESR summary paper accepted

The preface/mini review for our North Atlantic special issue has now been accepted. If you would like a copy please send me a message.

Geol Soc Wilson Cycle volume is now available in print

The Geological Society of London Special Publication “Fifty Years of the Wilson Cycle Concept in Plate Tectonics” is now available in print! I have been watching this Special Publication come together for a while, authoring and reviewing papers in here. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive! The list of papers is here, and you…